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March 15, 2008

J. F. Christ Abbreviations

Filed under: Sherlock Holmes — Matilda @ 11:01 am

Sherlockians often refer to the stories and novels of The Canon by a four-letter all-caps abbreviation. In our posts and articles we shall make it a practice to write out story names with the abbreviation in parentheses, as was done in the article in the Activities page. In casual correspondence we may use abbreviations alone. If you are not skilled at communicating using this “code” you can find it lots of places. Just Google JF Christ abbreviations.

With the exception of titles involving a number, CHAS, mentioned as part of our members’ assignments, is one of only two (do you know the other?) that doesn’t simply use four ordered letters of the main words in the title as the abbreviation. Must be because “Chas” is a common abbreviation for ”Charles”. It would be easy to draw oneself into an argument on this subject. Even more interesting, why do titles containing a number not follow a consistent pattern? For example, 3GAR, 3GAB, and 3STU are used, but not 5ORA or 6NAP. You could further complicate the question by thinking about ordinal and cardinal numbers, maybe coming up with 2NDS or 2STA instead of SECO.

If any of you campers wish to achieve eternal fame, you may submit a brief monograph on this phenomenon as a comment, or e-Mail it to the Camp Office.

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