McMurdo’s Camp

March 15, 2008

Local Organizational Meeting

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February 4, 2008

The first meeting of McMurdo’s Camp was a bust! Despite attempts to generate interest, no-one came. Possibly this was due to inadequate or poorly thought-out efforts, possibly to population numbers, and (I like to think) to the weather. The weather was unusually bad, even for this area at this time of year. We had a somewhat warm day, hovering just above freezing, with rain and sleet in the afternoon, followed around dark by sharply plunging temperatures and a fair amount of lake-effect snow on top of that. The State Police co-operated by advising everyone to stay home.

I took the trusty old Jeep into town to the meeting site against my better judgment, feeling some responsibility since the whole thing was my idea. Later, on the 6-mile drive home, the only other vehicle I saw was the county snowplow.

I thought it would have been clever to hold the first meeting on the 133rd anniversary of that train ride up the Vermissa Valley, but it was not to be. But we are by no means dead. McMurdo’s camp has seven cyber-members, two of whom are semi-local and one who is a genuine B.S.I., so I’m confident the organization has a future. We will just have to persevere and get it going again, this time a little later, when the “educated leisure class” is back in town. (Charlevoix is a resort community, and loses a lot of its population after the Christmas holidays to Florida and Arizona, etc.) There are a few of us who tough it out.

At this time, any comments from our fans will be most welcome.

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