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November 27, 2011

Class Project ?

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McMurdo’s Camp is provided some feedback about its visitors and their activities by WordPress, host of the site.  We cannot identify our visitors but we can see a little of what they are doing.  One thing we see is counts of visitors and terms used by search engines to find us.  We are seeing today a large increase in the number of visitors, maybe 4 or 5 times normal, as well as some school-type search terms, involving things like themes, class projects, and so on.  Strangely many of them are from outside the USA, places like Canada, Australia, UK, India, Pakistan, and Russia, and they are related to The Valley of Fear (VALL).   Can anyone clue us in?  Just add a comment.

If you are a student writing a paper for an assignment, visit  Look at the  home page, and find How to Write a Term Paper.  You will get good hints, but no-one to do your work for you. In fact, since the author of that site is an academician, you will find almost a lecture on the sanctity of doing your own work.  Here at McMurdo’s Camp, we are less helpful, but also less caring about your personal ethics.  The best place on this site to learn about The Valley of Fear is in the Story Info Sheets.  Go to VALL.  As noted on our Front Page, the material on this site may be used by any person or organization for any purpose, up to and including plagiarism for profit.  (Good luck on that one!)



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