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June 30, 2012

Status of Frankenstein Movie

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McMurdo’s Camp is primed and ready to report on the latest news of the upcoming Frankenstein movie. We surf doggedly and have contacted the producers who have agreed to send us their updates and publicity blurbs. So far, nothing much has happened. We will keep our readers posted.

We believe this new creation is a opportunity for the producers to distinguish themselves. With two classics to draw from, they should be able to outdo the somewhat childish Downey action movies and the “modern era” BBC Sherlock with its American companion, Elementary, which will feature a female Dr. Watson. In the planning stages for McMurdo’s Camp is a simple essay that will bring our readers up-to-date on the original Frankenstein. Everyone has seen the movies, dating back to the early 1930’s, but not everyone is as familiar with the original story. Neither the plot or the circumstances of its evolution are unworthy of your attention.

Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein share the attribute of being highly recognizable to members of the general population of those who don’t know much about either one? Who in the world could not identify either of these?

Or this?

Who could this be?

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