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May 31, 2012

Unrecognized Comments

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We just discovered a whole string of comments we did not get notified of (Never end a sentence with a preposition. Or, of which we did not get notified. As Churchill sort of said, this is the sort of problem up with which we will not put.)
Anyway, got ’em now.

May 29, 2012

Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein

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It seems that Sherlock Holmes is enjoying an upward trend of popularity. The two Downey movies were both financially (if not artistically) successful, and the latest British BBC Sherlock series has achieved considerable popularity. An American TV network (CBS) is planning a new show named “Elementary” set in New York in current times, with a female Watson played by Lucy Liu. What could be next?

But there may be hope. A new Holmes movie, that has the potential to outdo the others is in the planning stages, with shooting to begin in late fall 2012. To be called Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein. It is billed as a “classic mystery thriller, a chilling Gothic film, and an intellectual game that pitches two icons of British literature against each other”. Story: “1898. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson travel to Germany to investigate a strange case in the village of Darmstadt. Who is the mystery man who digs up corpses and steals their limbs? Could these events be related to the nearby presence of Castle Frankenstein, which name is closely associated with Mary Shelly’s horror novel?

 Sounds to us like the desire and potential are there to avoid the gimmickry and sideshows of some of the recent Holmes productions. Conan Doyle created masterful characterizations and fascinating stories. Let’s hope the new production recognizes and takes advantage of this and does not attempt to distinguish itself by doing something “too different”.

Frankenstein and Lady

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