McMurdo’s Camp

April 24, 2011

Added Donnithorpe

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Added a new McMurdo’s Travelogue location, Donnithorpe, in the Country of the Broads.

April 16, 2011

Why Watson’s View?

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A new Trifling Monograph has been added, short title “Why Watson’s View?”. Full Title: The Importance of Being Watson: The half-hearted need not apply

Margaret Whitmer looks at the portrayal of Holmes and Watson in several modern interpretations and the importance to the original stories of having them presented to the reader by Dr. Watson.

Be sure to check out the photo from the Star Trek version of Holmes and Watson. And yes, maybe Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data, had some unrealized professional potential there. Personally, we would have picked him over Downey any time.

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